What is Awehbra?

Pronounced \AAAH-WHE-BRA\ 

Digital Storytelling & Website Development

What was a lifeless but neatly knitted Zebra hand puppet became its own persona through the imagination of Murray Slater while conversing with his daughter at story time. Awehbra came alive and insisted he was not a Zebra.

Just like the Zebra, brands can be lifeless and one dimensional. It takes the imagination of both the brand builder and the audience to align to create a rewarding and authentic story.

Awehbra will breathe life into brands by aligning the business’ purpose and brand strategy through digital storytelling.



Brand Strategy

Developed brand strategy with brand owners. Align brand narrative with company purpose through content writing, micro content and website development

Website Dev

We develop user friendly websites that focuses on customer experience and are packed with SEO rich content that activates acquisitions and retains current customers while driving revenue to your business.

Content Creation

Long form storytelling content including blogs, scripts and podcast productions. Content increases search engine visibility and drives future acquisitions to your brand.

Funnel Marketing

Create micro-content based on brand narrative and long form storytelling. Marketed through social media platforms and used to engage potential acquisitions and drive them to your point of sale.

Brands that came alive


Want to tell your brand story digitally?